Monday, September 22, 2008

Ragnar Relay in Four Days!

Race week is here!
In four days I will be running from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC with 12 friends in the Ragnar Relay.

Our team name is DC Day Drinkers and we are gearing up for a great race. We have 2 vans that will leapfrog the course from 9am on Friday until 2pm-something on Saturday. It should be quite an adventure!

The course maps are here:

I am runner Nine and will be running a total of 16.3 miles.
Here are maps of the terrain:
Leg One: 8.7 miles (very hard)
Leg Two: 3.2 miles (moderate)
Leg Three: 4.4 miles (easy)

It is going to be a crazy, crazy weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Parental Update from Spain: Volume 1

We were late out of Newark taking off. We were half way to the runway wher they discovered that an instrument was not working. We pulled into a parking area and a tech came on board and replaced the bad boy. We took off at 10:45 instead of 9:30. The flight was probably less than 1/2 full. We found out how to take the bus into Barcelona which was 8 euros instead of a cab (35 euros). Unfortunately we missed our departure stop due to not understanding the driver but we had only a slightly longer walk to the hotel which is very nice. We are on the 3rd floor (floor 2). Our room is quite large with 11 foot ceilings, a bath and all we need. Next door we found a nice cafe and had calimari and an open face thinly sliced ham sandwhich and San Miguele beer which was very good. Mommy is sleeping since she could not on the plane. My plane ride was very short with dinner right after takeoff and breakfast shortly before landing when I woke up.
Love you,

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Mooseman Photos

Some Mooseman Photos

Newfound Lake, NH

In Transition...before 70.3!

Moose Crossing!

Unfortunately we did not see any Moose, other than ourselves.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mooseman! Done and done.

Mooseman is so done!
I was a bit nervous for this race as I was seriously under trained. I am talking one long ride over 30 miles and no long runs since the 1/2 Marathon in March. Not a good recipe for a successful race. I knew I would make it through but figured it would not be pretty.

TE and I drove out of DC on Thursday evening and spent the night in the Jerse. We left for New Hampshire Friday morning around 10 and made it to Newfound Lake by 4:30. Not bad!

Saturday was spent on a short swim-bike-run as well as packet pick-up for the race. We also managed to see friends racing in the olympic distance race which was nice. Early to bed for a 4:30 wake-up call.


The swim start had bout 5 or 6 waves and I was second to last. TE went in the first so he was way ahead of me by the time I got in. The water was COLD, something right around 62 degrees. Everyone else around me seemed to have full-sleeves in contrast with my sleeveless but I got over it. I started around 7:52. The swim went relatively well considering how cold it was. I rounded the first couple of buoys and felt great and then somehow found myself alone after the the final turn. I got back on course and managed to get out of the water in just under 40 minutes (39:05) ! Timberman time was about 48 so I was happy.

The bike was 2 loops of a pretty hilly course. There were a couple of serious uphills and then some long gradual hills in the hot shadeless weather. It was apparently up in the mid 90s when all was said and done so not exactly ideal conditions. I made it through loop one in about 1:45 and was not excited for number 2. Things started to go seriously wrong and I felt really hot and nauseous. I can seriously say that I almost called it quits after that ride. My hopes of finishing the second loop faster the first were seriously dashed as I wondered if I would even make it through. Towards the end one of the volunteers yelled out that there were 4.5 miles to go and I actually started to cry. I don't know if it was out of joy or pain but I did it and got ready for the run. Total time = 3:41:21.

The run was HOT. It consisted of 2 loops next to the lake and through a neighborhood behind. There were some serious hills and not a lot of shade. The 2 loops made it easy to see people though which was great! There was lots of water and volunteers though which made it a little better. Loop 2 went right back around the transition area/finish line which was rough. Everyone saying things like "you're almost done!" when in reality there were over 6 miles to go! D'oh! Somehow I managed to power through (I think I was just ecstatic to be off that bike) and even ran the majority of the course. I finished in 2:16:21.

Overall my time for this race was technically a Personal Record since I finished almost exactly 20 seconds earlier than at my other 1/2 Ironman, Timberman, last August. I finished with a 6:42:26. I am pretty happy with it and am even happier that the rest of my races this summer are sprints with possibly a relay thrown in for good measure. I'm kind of over this distance for a while, especially this distance in the heat and sun with Hills! We'll see how I am feeling tomorrow. Survey says....very, very sore.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

One week till Mooseman

It is hard to believe that in a week I will have (hopefully) completed another 1/2 Ironman. Seriously, it does not even feel like it is already that time. Lots has happened since registering for Mooseman and I definitely do not feel ready. I know that I should be able to finish the race but I am still scared. I am not as prepared as I would like to be but there really is no turning back now.
Wish me well!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Columbia Triathlon

"The bike course is nothing but ups and downs and rights and lefts. There was not even a stretch of road that was straight or flat. You are either climbing a hill, descending, or winding your way through a wooded countryside. Beautiful but challenging."
-New Columbia Course record holder, Chris Lieto

After lots of worrying and whining I got it done and even managed to cut over eight minutes off of my 2007 Columbia time! Not bad considering I have not been as consistent with my training as I would like to be. Maybe less is more sometimes? Hmm..guess I am not supposed to say these things!

The weather was not looking good as the weekend approached so everyone was a little apprehensive. We left DC around 2 (following a triathlon 101 clinic with the Fall Team and a stop at California Tortilla, of course!) and did all the necessary check-ins and bike drops and then headed off to the the Baltimore area for a very nice dinner/early bedtime.

No rain at the start of race day but it was definitely chilly. After setting up transition areas and heading over to the other side of the lake to see TE off it was time to put on wetsuits and brave the cold water. And I mean COLD! The website was predicting temps in the high 60s but it had to have been much colder than that. I got in and survived the initial shock but never really got warm. In hindsight it may have worked to my advantage as I somehow came out of the water in under 30 minutes at 29:44. Rock on!

This transition was a lot slower for me than usual. I don't know if it was the cold or the faster swim or even the long run out of the water but I was really disoriented and a bit dizzy when I got back to my bike. I sat down for the first time ever in a transition and took a minute to collect myself and get my bike gear on. I opted to keep my vest on which ended up being a good choice as it god pretty chilly out there! Total time, 3:54.

The bike was exactly as I expected since I had done the race on the same course last year. It was definitely hilly and with the wind and the in/out rain it was definitely cold. I had some shifting issues on the uphills as my bike refused to go into the easier gears. I managed to pull myself up all of them regardless and even caught some speed on a few of the downhills. The cars were not as much of a problem as last year but the bikes were worse. I had some people pass really close without warning and one jerk even came up the side of the road on the right despite the fact that I was about as far over as possible. Whatever. I managed to stay up and ward off all flats and get through it all without incident. There was a really bad accident on the course which was tough to pass. I fared better than others like LE who got held up 30 minutes for a medical helpcopter to land. Yikes! Total bike = 1:36:16.

Not a big deal here, although still slower than normal. Changed shoes, added the hat and kept the vest and rolled out. 2:15.

The run at Columbia is pretty notorious for the hils. Even though you expect them it is still tough to take. I managed the run the whole thing (with a few small breaks in the water stops) and actually felt pretty good. I didn't have my usual bout of run 20 and then suffer intense stomach cramps but I still avoided gels/food just in case. I took in water/gatorade at every stop which I think helped as the sun became an intermittent companion. Towards the end of the run course I found myself in a group of 2 other 29-year olds which was nice. We talked and ran and all finished within a few seconds of each other at the end. Not my fastest 10K but still not the worst. I ended up doing it in 58:36 with a 9:36 pace.

Total race time= 3:10:42.

2007 was 3:18:25 so all I need to do for 2009 is cut off 10 minutes to get a covedted sub-3. :) Or....maybe I will just do a relay.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today was the big day. Kickoff for the TNT Fall Season!
I am so excited that it is finally here! The triathlon team is upwards of 100 strong and I had the chance to meet many of them today at breakfast. It looks like lots of brand-new triathletes which is very cool.

It is always exhilarating to see the full scope of the TNT program. In a room full of staff, participants and volunteers you really get just how many people are involved and what 2 million dollars kind of looks like. I am looking forward to the challenges and excitement to come.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I must be totally insane...

For once I've let TE talk ME into something crazy instead of the other way around! On September 26-27 I will be participating in the Ragnar Relay, a 182-mile team relay race from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC. It's official..handing my entry fee over to him tonight!

According to the event website, "This 182 mile adventure-fest will push you and 11 pals through the stunning scenery of the Potomac River Valley. Starting in the Appalachian town of Cumberland, MD, your team will head east along the C & O Canal as it snakes along the Potomac, around night fall you'll get off the trail and run through the quiet streets of many charming historic Civil War-Era towns, ultimately passing within the shadows of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The race (and your stamina) wraps in the heart of the nation's capitol."

It should definitely be a challenge but I am sure that DCDD is up for it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

T minus three days!

It is hard to believe that the Fall Team in Training Season starts in just three days! That's right..kickoff for the Nations Triathlon and Accenture Chicago Triathlon Teams is on Saturday, May 10th. There is still plenty of time to register for the program if you haven't had the chance to do so. Talk to me for more information or visit the TNT website here.

If you don't already know, I have signed on to be a bike/run Coach. I am really excited and really feel that this brings my TNT experience full circle having been everything from a participant to a team/training captain. I am really looking forward to the opportunity and can't wait to get started! I have an amazing set of co-coaches and an equally fantastic group of Team Captains. It is going to be quite a ride!

This week has been full of last minute schedule edits, clinic planning and information session attending. It is definitely a busy time but it is also very exciting! Lots of new triathletes have been signing up and getting pumped for the season and already asking great questions. It's on!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back! And with a Race Report!

I know I have said it before but this time I mean it.
I am back!
Back to work, back to life, back to blogging.

I do apologize in advance though for the footnotes. I have been reading a lot of Chuck Klosterman recently and well, you just can't help it! Pick up "IV" to see what I mean.

St. Anthony's Triathlon has come and gone.
It was definitely a great birthday! As far as birthdays where you wake up at 4 am and torture yourself for upwards of three hours on anyways. ;)

The day started a little hectic as the three alarms (one clock radio and 2 cell phones) EL and I set managed to not go off. Not a one! Hindsight says a wake-up call should have been in order as well but hey, we made it! EL luckily had the foresight to wake up without an alarm and the rouse me from bed just in time to sunscreen, force a bagel down my throat, get dressed and make it downstairs in time for the early shuttle to the transition area.

Although this was my third St. Anthony's, the feelings of nervousness and excitement felt just like the first time* in 2006. The feelings might have been a little elevated as I realized this would be my last year in my 20s and in my age group I eventually got over it and had the body marker write "29 TODAY" down my left leg. Boo yeah!

Transition closed without incident at 7 and we headed over to the beach to get ready for the wave starts. Two. Hours. Later!**

The SWIM started pleasant enough but turned vicious fast. I don't recall ever having a swim as brutal in terms of kicks to the stomach, scratches to the arms and actual pulls and shoulder push offs..not to mention the swim-over by the Relays. ugh. I managed to escape the water somewhere around 33 minutes. Totally underwhelming.

T1/the BIKE went well until I realized too late that a fellow competitor's powerbar had gotten all up in my grill, er, had wedged its sticky, nasty mess into my cleats and pedals. Seriously?!?! It was horrible. I could not clip in for 6 miles even after stopping to try and dig what I could out from the recesses of the crevices. Blah. I decided to use a speedbump to my advantage and hit one hard to force my feet into the speedplays. It Worked!
Other than that incident the ride was fine, even fast. For me anyways! Maybe it was the aerobars. Or maybe it the adrenaline. Or possibly it was the total lack of regard for proper hydration*** I don't know. I do know I managed to get out of that leg right around 1:23. Sweet!!

T2 was pretty uneventful. I did take the time to reapply sunscreen with a quick spray of the shoulders, arms, legs, changed the shoes and then remembered to place my Birthday Tiara on my head over the hat and hit the course. As usual, it was HOT! This is to be expected when you start a race in Florida at 9 am and hit the RUN somewhere around 11am. Blah. It was great though seeing lots of familiar faces on the out-and-back run and somehow managed not to throw up somewhere around mile 4 where I was forced to walk for a short time. Fortunately I pushed through and finished the run in just enough time to get me out of St. Anthony's, FINALLY, with a sub-three finish****! What a great birthday gift!

*- "Feels like the First Time". One of the Songs in the Foreigner catalogue and one of the songs I heard live accidentally when staying at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas. Hanging in our hotel room Sunday night waiting till we had to head to the airport for a red eye flight the sounds of Foreigner suddenly wafted through the windows. Close inspection showed the actual Foreigner (with probably nary an original member) on stage 30 stories below on the pool stage. I guess you can't play stadiums forever!

**Except for people like TE and KC who started in their age group waves right after the pros at 7:04. My age group went at 7:58 or something like that...a whole 4 minutes before the final TNT waves. There went my chance to actually see people finish instead of seeing them blow past me on the course!

***huge mistake! I only drank 3/4 of one of the two bottles I brought. It came back to bite me hard on the run where I almost threw up.

****2006 results had me somewhere around 3:04. 2007 brought me in right around 3:10.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The plague is over!

I survived the Plague of 2008.
After a rough week of a horrible, horrible cold-like flu-bronchitis I made it through alive. Between that and moving I missed nearly two weeks of workouts. Talk about feeling bad! That was *almost* worse than actually being sick!

I jumped back into it on Monday with an early morning workout with CP downtown. I took it easy and mainly just worked abs and arms. It felt pretty good but I definitely felt really weak. Tuesday I met SB and TE for a run with a goal time of 1h50min. Daunting to say the least after a long, long break. Despite the cold and the rain I made it through, for sure with the help of my training partners. It was not easy to say the least but I ran it all. The reward was seeing a double full rainbow over the Washington Monument on the home stretch. Aw yeah!

Today was another pretty good day. Since I missed the bike yesterday for the long run I decided to ride the spinning bike at work for a while and got in about 50 minutes. Thank goodness for my video ipod and the Office! I watched 2 episodes (The Fight and The Client) while riding and it got me through. I am starting to feel like I am really behind on my bike training but I think I can come back. After all...there are just 68 days until St. Anthony's (and MY BIRTHDAY!). Time to get cracking!

Also today....taught 2 abs classes at the gym. Will definitely be sore tomorrow! I got a few compliments for once which was really nice. Seemed like people enjoyed it and thought it intense enough. Rock on!

Went to swim practice tonight and made it through a 1000 yard swim as well as 6 100's and a cooldown. Not bad for showing up late even! went to The Tombs
afterwards with some of the Team which is always a good time. I tell you...wings never taste so good as they do after a hard swim! The beer might have helped too.

Barack and Roll!

Obama did it again!
He just won his 9th primary/caucus in a row with Wisconsin. Yes! I knew my peeps would vote the right way. Go Badgers!

This is definitely very exciting news. It will be interesting to see what happens with Washington and Hawaii. Pretty sure he will do well in at least the latter too.

Obama 2008!

Friday, February 8, 2008

"I got a crush on Obama"

Apparently this girl's crush was so severe that she couldn't even make it out to vote on Tuesday. Fortunately though she was well enough to make it to a victory party that night. Phew!


So I have been getting some grief for not writing on this in a long time. Sorry! Life has kind of gotten in the way! Things are settling down now though...I am working more, getting more clients, and am definitely into the swing of training. So that's a good thing!

I have been getting some GREAT clients which makes life a lot more fun. One guy just wants to work on cardio and core, another is a young mom working to train for her first 5K. It is great! It makes my life easier to have people who are so motivated.

I MOVED! I am finally living on my own and I couldn't be happier. I am a little nervous about making all the payments, etc. but it will be worth it. I am going to be so much happier which will make everything else better too.

I am registering for more races! So far 2008 looks like this:

Shamrock 1/2 Marathon
Scope it Out 5K
St. Anthony's Olympic Distance Triathlon
Columbia Olympic Distance Triathlon
Mooseman 1/2 Ironman
NJ State Spring Triathlon
Irongirl Columbia Triathlon

Looks like a pretty full schedule but it should be fun. I'll likely throw a relay or another race there in the fall. I can't stop myself!

Team in Training is going great even if I started a little late on my fundraising. So far I am 20% of the way there with just under $600. Check out my progress here.

More to come soon, more often. I swear!