Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's really official

I received my grades and Certification in the mail today!

Theory (includes Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Theory and practice)- A
Practical- A
Total Program- A


So now I am really a Certified Personal Trainer with a separate certificate in Basic Nutrition. We'll see what this does for me.

Anyone out there need a trainer?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I found this scribbled down in a box in my room today during a cleaning expedition. I have no idea where it came from, or even who wrote it. I'll have to do some research because I really like it.

Fear Less

Hope More
Eat Less, Chew More
Sigh Less
Breathe More
Hate Less, Love More
All Good Things are yours

Monday, October 8, 2007

Army Ten Miler

One word. HOT.

Yesterday was ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously hot.

Temperatures were above 70 degrees at the 8am start and humidity was at about 95%. It would have been one thing of the race were in July but this is OCTOBER! Water/Gatorade kept running out and people all over the course were dropping from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Some poor man even died near the finish line. My heart rate was very high throughout and even spent a good portion of the race's end in the 190's. Not my finest day. Still finished though. Right around 1:38.

The Army race wasn't the only one with problems. The Chicago Marathon had its 30th Anniversary yesterday and ended up canceling 1/2 way through due to oppressive heat, water shortages and generally horrible conditions. They also had the unfortunate circumstance of a death on the course. Tragic.

Think good thoughts for the families of these two athletes but don't let it keep you from your own athletic pursuits.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

"We gotta get right back to where we started from..."

I feel like my racing season just ended and now I am about to start all over again. Come to think of it, maybe I was never really out of season at all. This year has been one race after another and this weekend is no different as the Army Ten Miler is happening tomorrow morning. I feel a little less prepared this year than in previous ones since my running has taken a serious vacation recently. I guess I regret that a little bit although I must admit that I needed the break. Between St. Anthony's in April and the 1/2 Ironman there has been a whole lot of training going on. I know I can finish this one and i am looking forward to doing it for fun and not really worrying about the time.

that's the the thing about endurance racing; no matter where you look it's all about time. Race times, training time, time to eat, time to sleep...it can get very overwhelming and all-consuming. Couple that with trying to work, go to school and have some semblance of a life a person can go crazy!

I feel so fortunate that I have so many friends who can relate to what I do and who understand the importance of things like long Sunday runs and 5 am swim workouts. I used to divide my friends into categories and wound work hard to find balance with everyone. Between Denison friends, kickball friends, triathlon friends, Pi Phi friends and work friends things definitely got very confusing. Nowadays it seems like there are lots of crossovers. This was a big year for endurance sports in my world as so many in it completed their first races and became addicted enough to sign up for more. It makes spending time with everyone that much easier!

The past couple of months of laxness has been lots of fun but I'm actually ready to get back to the training grind. I guess that is part of the beauty of my new career. In some way I am getting paid to train! I may not have a job yet but I have a race docket for the rest of '07 and part of '08:

Army Ten Miler, October 6th.
Celtic Solstice Five Miler, December 15.
Shamrock 1/2 Marathon, March 16, 2008.
St. Anthony's Triathlon, April 27. (coincidentally this will also be my 29th Birthday!)
Columbia Triathlon, May 18.

Looks like I better get cracking!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Fresh Start


So, I am trying something new here. Since my life has completely turned around in the past year or so I figured it was time to start from scratch with a new writing and documentation experiment.
Thanks so much to those of you who cared enough to read my former musings. If you never cared enough to read before or never even had the chance, welcome now!

Today was a big day.
not BIG in a college graduation-wedding-birth of your children way.
A totally different way all together.
Today I finished my six-month, 500-hour course in personal training. With a final exam, a quick stroke of a pen and a signing off on hours, I am a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritional Consultant.

Wow. Now what?

The past six months have given me a comfort zone of regular hours and tests and new material to learn. I had almost forgot how great it actually is to be a student! I have spent countless hours studying anatomy, exercise philosophy, nutrition and have finally arrived at a point where I tell you with confidence the insertion of the Sartorius muscle (Upper medial shaft of the tibia), or how to properly train for size, weight loss, or strength. Craziness!

There is still a lot to figure out.
Where am I going to work?
How much money will I be able to make?
Will I be good at it?
Will I be happy?

Only time will tell I guess. In the meantime I guess I should just bask in my newfound Certification and go to bed. Nothing will get resolved tonight!